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Little Tots Learning provides a world-class education that is for anyone, anywhere. Little Tots Learning has reached thousands of children from 162 countries around the world.

Little Tots Learning offers subscription-based digital storytime online videos, book reviews with activities, K-5 educational resources, digital clip art, digital papers, instant download prints, free kindergarten resources, and a kindergarten blog for parents and teachers. The videos and resources have helped children from around the world achieve lasting success.

Little Tots Learning's Message to Parents with Kindergartners:

  • K - Kindle excitement about Kindergarten. Visit your school and meet your child's teacher.
  • I - Invite new school friends home to play and help your child build strong friendships.
  • N - Never forget safety. Teach your child safety rules.
  • D - Discuss what your child will be learning in school.
  • E - Explore your neighborhood together. Talk about the world you live in.
  • R - Review the good behavior expected of your child, such as following rules and taking turns..
  • G - Get involved at your child's school. Become a school volunteer.
  • A - Answer your child's questions about school. Reassure your child that school is fun!
  • R - Read to your child daily. Visit the library together.
  • T -Turn every day into a learning experience. Let your child help with everyday chores.
  • E - Encourage your child to eat well, get enough sleep, bathe daily, and brush his/her teeth twice a day.
  • N - Notice new things your child is learning to do. Reinforce your child's progress with praise.

Storytime Online Videos

Little Tots Learning offers over one-hundred interactive subscription-based digital storytime online videos. The traditional stories and nonfiction books in Little Tots Learning's videos will open doors to worlds of knowledge, adventure, and fun for children.The videos include: reading of traditional story books, reading comprehension, letters of the alphabet, sight words, types of text, knowledge of print, story elements, phonics, phonemic awareness, punctuation, numbers, shapes, colors, and home activities. These are all explained in child-friendly language in our library of books. Little Tots Learning's story time videos seeks to provide a diverse array of books that allows readers space to grow and enjoy new, more challenging and more enjoyable reading experiences over time. My goal is to foster in children a love of language and literature at the earliest age possible and to help create a generation of life-long readers. The earlier the kids start learning about a variety of different things, the better they do when they enter higher grades. So, whatever your little one is interested in, you can count on Little Tots Learning story time videos to stimulate his or her mind and lay the groundwork for academic achievement later on. There's no limit to how many times your child can watch Little Tots Learning digital storytime online videos. Kids learn visually and by repetition, so the more they watch, the more they'll learn.

Read-aloud sessions involve much more than saying words and turning pages. When you express your own excitement about the pictures story, setting, and characters, the child will be excited too. With my guidance, the child can learn to take meaning from the words and expand his or her story.

Looking for the details in the pictures talking about what might happen next and discussing how the story relates to the child's real-life experiences are important parts of read-aloud sessions.

One of the best ways to encourage emerging language and literacy skills is to read aloud with a child as often as possible. It is within this conversation, or dialogue, that students are able to advance their vocabulary acquisition, oral language, comprehension, and fluency, therefore, interactive storybook reading should be a necessity in your child's life.

Book Reviews with Activities

Preschool Children

Preschool children are able to choose books that interest them. They can retell a story, act out a story, and draw pictures about the story. Preschoolers hear the sounds that make words and recognize that printed letters form words.

  • Read every day
  • Encourage your child's interest in reading by allowing them to choose books that they like
  • Ask a librarian for books that match your child's interests
  • Encourage your children when they pretend to write or pretend to read

Kindergarten Children

Your child is five or six years old and enrolled in formal schooling. They can read simple books by themselves. They still love reading with you and sharing books with adults and other children.

  • Continue to use your local library and make library visits a priority
  • Borrow as many books as you can to create a wide array of reading material for your family

Look for books with humor, action, interesting words, interesting sounds, and lively characters. The strong narratives of simple folktales are also popular with children in kindergarten.

The main criteria for the books that I include on my website are that they are written for children between the ages of 3 to 6. As the owner and an educator, my reviews are written for parents and teachers. I include details of not only what age group the book might be suitable for, but also suggestions for curriculum content areas that it might link with.

The books I choose to include on my website are ones that I have personally enjoyed, and believe will encourage and motivate children to become lifelong learners.

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What is your child reading? There is nothing like bonding over a book. Statistics show that 50% of children say they would read more books for fun if they had great access to eBooks. Introduce your little one to reading at an early age with children's books from Little Tots Learning.

Little Tots Learning has written and illustrated nine books for children in preschool and kindergarten.

Visit my Amazon store at https://www.amazon.com/Little-Tots-Learning.

You never know what you'll discover in a book or where it will take you.


Teacher Pay Teachers and TES

Free and priced teacher-created resources for download, which includes lesson plans, unit plans, worksheets, printables, workbooks, activities, clip art, digital papers, and instant download photos. Educational resources are available for students/child in grades K-5. I believe that the main reason for my successes is that I know--first-hand--about teaching. All of my products are "created by Little Tots Learning for parents and teachers."

Visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store at https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Little-Tots-Learning.

Visit my TES store at https://www.tes.com/teaching-resources/shop/Little_Tots_Learning.

On these sites, you will find an extensive inventory of quality and affordable resources.


At LittleTotsDesignsArt, I craft unique high quality personal and commercial use clip art that you can download and use instantly. I aim to provide affordable, kid and adult-friendly clip art, digital papers, and instant download prints. I try to take a global view when creating so that it has a wide appeal. I now have customers from across the world, and I love hearing from people who tell me how they are using LittleTotsDesignsArt graphics.

Visit my Etsy store at https://www.etsy.com/shop/LittleTotsDesignsArt.

Free Kindergarten Resources

Parents and teachers can find a variety of FREE Kindergarten resources for children in preschool and kindergarten. Encourage your child to continue their learning offline with these free printable resources. You can use these resources to encourage and motivate your child or students to continue learning and have fun! In addition, don't forget to share with other parents or teachers that can benefit from these GREAT educational resources!


A 12-month blog that was created for parents and teachers of children in kindergarten. The blog provides parents and teachers tips and ideas to enrich a child's early development. I hope you find this as helpful and interesting as I do.

Thank you for visiting Little Tots Learning!

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"Hello parents and teachers around the world! Little Tots Learning offers online resources for children. My goal is to help children build a strong foundation for future academic success by providing subscription-based digital storytime videos . In addition, I offer educational resources for K-5, digital books, digital clip art, digital papers, and instant download prints through my online stores. It’s always exciting to see a young child’s mind come to life."