Children’s Book Review: The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

Theme : Nature, Germination and growth, flowers and garden, perseverance

One by one, all the seeds are lost; one is eaten by a bird, one falls on an icy mountain, one falls in the ocean and so on. A couple of seeds finally settle down in the earth just before winter sets in. By the time spring sets in there are only a few seeds that grow into plants. Even then, there are weeds that rob the plants of nutrients and the plants cannot grow any longer. The tiny seed, the tiniest of all, that was in constant fear of not making it all through its journey, grows into a plant. Even so, the plants around it beat the dust as playful children stomp on them or people pluck them out to gift flowers. The tiny seed is lucky and grows big and by the time it’s summer, it has grown into an enormous plant with a giant flower. People come from far and near to look at this flower that is the tallest ever. All summer long, the flower brings joy to all the bees and butterflies.

Spatial Relationships:
Use the illustrations to point out spatial relationships. “The seeds are over the ocean,” “The seeds are under the snow,” “Where are the seeds now?”

Language Arts:
Vocabulary: Adjectives
Look for the adjectives on each page, for each season and try to think of other words the author might have used that mean the same thing. Which word would you choose?

Verb Tense
The story is written in the present tense. Read some passages as if the story happened awhile ago.

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