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The times they are a-changin’.

I may not have had to walk 15 miles to school when I was kid (thank you Canada and Michigan), but I certainly didn’t have access to the wide-open world of the Internet like youngsters do today. My parents, bless their souls, chose to forgo a high-speed connection in favor of the wonderful world of dial-up, limiting my Internet access to the obscure hours of the day when no one was likely to use the telephone.

When you are on on vacation, running errands or just away from home, read along stories are a great way to fill what can be hours of waiting into a lot of fun! Your child will have enough stories to get them through the longest doctor’s appointment wait or oil change. Plus, this listening library is available every day for returning to old favorites. “Read it again!” has never been easier!

There was a time when kids curious about the world around them would have to go to the library and check-out books, or sit around thumbing through the family’s encyclopedia. But these days, access to knowledge is within easy reach, thanks to the internet, high-speed connections, and mobile devices. However, not all that content is appropriate for children. Today, publisher Katica Blajic is hoping to inspire the same desire to learn in modern-day kids on the devices they love with the Little Tots Learning’s Storytime Online Videos, subscription-based videos that offers fun but educational content.

Little Tots Learning’s Storytime Online Videos are full of books you love from authors you know. I select titles based, first and foremost, on literary and artistic merit. Little Tots Learning takes pride in offering the best of children’s illustrated literature online.

Young children love to watch videos. If you have ever seen your child watch a favorite cartoon or kid’s television show, you know how easily it can capture their attention. You may have also noticed how much of the show they actually remember, even days, weeks or months later. At Little Tots Learning, I understand how useful kid’s educational videos can be for young children. When information is presented in a fun manner, kids are even more eager to learn, making their education an easier process throughout their school years and beyond.

Storytime Online Videos is the best place for Story Time Reading for Thought! My Goal: Encourage children to think one book, one question at a time! Through Ms. Bee, I pose brief questions before and after to encourage careful reading of the story.

For Example: Why did the character say or do something? How would you have acted? What will you do? Helping children identify with a character, think through actions and words has been shown to develop critical thinking skills—and a love for reading.

The storytime online videos include: reading of traditional story books, reading comprehension, letters of the alphabet, Dolch sight words, types of text, knowledge of print, story elements, phonics, phonemic awareness, punctuation, numbers, shapes, colors, and home activities. The length of the videos vary from 20-30 minutes each.

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